School Uniform Policy

Our 'School Uniform Policy' is available on this page. It has been written in consultation with the Local Governing Committee and is designed to ensure that uniform provides value for money and is as low-cost as possible for parents/carers. 
All school uniform can be generic and there is no requirement that any items must be branded or contain the school logo. 
The school retains a significant amount of pre-owned school uniform in very good condition which is stored within the school. This is available free of charge to any parents/carers who wish to use this service.  Please speak to a member of the office staff if you wish to view any stock. 
Using local retailers or high street chain supermarkets, it is possible to purchase 1 set of school uniform (excluding school shoes) for under £10. The equivalent branded uniform is approximately £32. 
The school is committed to ensuring the best possible value for money for our school uniform.  We actively seek to respond to parent feedback regarding our uniform such as finding cheaper, alternative suppliers or licensing the school logo to a local embroidery retailer etc. Updates regarding uniform purchasing will be given regularly through the year. 

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