Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET) is an exciting programme that involves the whole class learning to play a musical instrument or sing together. The children take part in a range of activities that develop musical skills, knowledge and understanding. This builds an excellent foundation for learning music.

 Research shows that musical learning also helps improve numeracy and literacy, personal, social and physical development, and general health and wellbeing.

 Music Partnership North provides instrumental tutors and instruments to schools who ‘buy in’ the WCET sessions. There is no charge to parents. Here at St Aidan’s we provide this exciting opportunity for our Year 3 pupils each year.

 This year the children will be having Samba Drum lessons with Stephen Doyle.

 Children have the opportunity to build on the WCET experience by taking up small-group or individual lessons on a range of instruments. Further information about what instruments are available, and the cost of these lessons is available from the school office..

 We hope your child enjoys these sessions and the wide ranging benefits we know music education has to offer.  All of our pupils throughout their school journey access the music curriculum via the Charanga online resource. Music is very much  integral to the catholic life of our school and our daily worship.  

Music Curriculum Under Review

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