Ethos and Values

St. Aidan’s Catholic Primary School Ethos and Values

Every child, parent, governor and member of the school community is unique in self,
unique in qualities to offer. All aspects of our School, the relationships, the
curriculum, the policies, the aims and objectives, the pastoral care and discipline
have the potential to speak of God's presence in our lives helping us to unlock our
potential. The purpose of a Catholic school is to jointly ‘hand on the faith' in
partnership with home and parish. At St. Aidan’s Catholic Primary School we are a
community all working together towards the values and ideals expressed in our
Mission Statement, ensuring that our school is a safe and caring place, with exciting
things to do, where everyone is equal and respected.  We make the most of all our
opportunities and encourage pupils to take responsibility. The faith journey is begun
by parents at Baptism and our aim is to support each child in their journey of faith,
working alongside parents, the first educators of the children. As a Catholic school
we value the importance of the spiritual journey made by pupils, staff, parents,
parishioners, governors and parish priest with the school acting as a cornerstone.

St Aidan's Catholic Primary School is part of the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust

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