School Council

Our School Council are elected democratically each year and have two representatives per year group from Year 1 up to Year 6. Our School Council are lead by the Year 6 Representatives who are Head Boy and Head Girl. They work to improve the school for their peers and make it a better place.
Our new School Council were elected in the first week of September 2023.
They have retained their motto: 
'We're here to help everyone else'

Student Council Aims
The councilors chose their aims for this academic year as the following: 
  1. Set a really good example to others through out behaviour and attitude 
  2.  Listen to everyone so that all children have a say in what they want for the school
  3. Make school easier for children who might find it harder to be here
  4.  Always be welcome to new friends and visitors
  5. Try to improve the school building and facilities 

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